Discover tailor-made offers to develop your
authentic and impactful communication.


Let's build together a real strategy aligned with your values ​​and your needs, to qualitatively achieve your objectives. Obtain appropriate and easy-to-use communication tools.

Some Examples Of Services

All services are carried out according to your needs, your objectives and your problems.
Individual Coaching
Individual remote and tailor-made coaching
Web showcases for your customers!
Document layout
Posters, books, brochures, business cards...
Media Watch
For Entrepreneurs, Small businesses, International groups and associations
Specific solutions
Community management, infographics, training...

Individual Coaching

Whatever your communication to date, as long as you want to improve it, I can help you!

Whether it's on social networks, on your website, on your brochures, or a mix of everything, we can work together to improve your communication.

Push you to communicate effectively and authentically, to attract your ideal customers!
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The individual support aims to make you progress effectively in your communication, to make you autonomous, and to gradually obtain concrete results according to the objectives that we set together.

We handle all issues related to your communication: strategy, website, social networks, emails, brochures, targeting, editorial content, product launch, etc. I help you to improve the existing one and to build a strategy adapted to your needs.

Please note, I offer you advice and support, but you will have to work between sessions. I give you the keys to success. If you do not have time to devote to communication, I also offer these services (only on estimate).
I always suggest that you start with a "discovery" session, which does not commit you. During this 1 hour video session, you present your business, your issues, your needs and your desires. We look together at what is possible to improve immediately: with your own abilities and time. We then establish a first concrete action plan, to be carried out before our next meeting, with which you will obtain the first results.
At each meeting (from 30 min to 1 hour), we check your progress, results and monitoring of objectives. You will always leave with advice and a concrete action plan to put in place to see your communication gradually transform and perform! Regular follow-up allows real results to be obtained in a short time.
Strategic advice: I think for you, so that your project achieves the objectives set together! At each session, I analyze the results and always offer you new ideas and areas for improvement that take into account your challenges and your budget.
Availability: I can be reached between two sessions to answer all your questions, by email.
Tools: I will also provide you with explanatory videos and other web tools if needed.
Discovery session: €60 for 1 hour.
Following sessions: 100€/h (possibility to take per 30min).
10 hour pack: €800.


The website is THE web showcase on which your future customers will come to find out: about you, about your offers and products. This is the place where they will either discover you or confirm their choice (and for proof: you are reading this text).

The website is one of the essential digital tools that allows you to be present and visible on the Internet, to your future customers!

Enable you to have an authentic digital storefront that turns your visitors into customers.
More info
I create showcase sites according to your needs, your objectives and your budget.
The one-page site: for a small project (side project), this is a web page in your name, in your image, which summarizes your main activities and allows your future customers to contact you easily.
The multi-page site: for an entrepreneur, a VSE, an SME, an association, choose a website from a range of customizable templates or a 100% tailor-made site. This includes installation, implementation of your content, customization (your colors, typography, etc.). We can add as many features as needed. I will be there to advise you at each stage (writing, choice of images, site architecture, blog, etc.).
The event platform: to bring your online or hybrid events to life. Full support for events is possible, in partnership with the event agency Volcanic.
Strategic advice: I advise you in the choice of your website, the colors, the typographies, the architecture, the choice of images...
Handle it: I explain how to use your website, to update it throughout the year.
One-page sites: from €600 excl.
Customizable sites based on proposed templates: from €1300 excl.
100% tailor-made websites: only on estimate
Platforms for events: only on estimate.

Document layouts

To get noticed by your future customers: in stores, at conventions, trade fairs, customer meetings, conferences, etc.

I propose to design your documents in your image, for your specific needs.

Allow you to have documents that reflect your business and your services.
More info
I produce your documents according to your needs and objectives:
Posters and kakemonos: for clear and recognizable display during your events, fairs and conferences.
Brochures: present your services in paper or web format with adaptable brochures. You write the content and I take care of the formatting.
Books and e-books: books, activity reports, CSR books allow you to highlight your brand and your values.
Adaptability: the documents are adaptable to print as well as digital to be used in several contexts.
Speed: the documents are produced within short deadlines, which respect your deadlines.
Only on estimate.

Media Watch

Media monitoring in your sector of activity allows you to:

- Generate discussion: with your peers, with your customers, with your collaborators
- Always be aware of the latest news in your area of expertise.
- Feed your social networks and thus create engagement on your publications.

Allow you to be aware of the latest news and generate discussion easily.
More info
We create for you a media watch, adapted to your needs and your sector of activity.
You can at any time request adjustments: remove or add themes or sources.
1 summary / week: once a week you will receive an e-mail with a summary of the news on your area of expertise, mentioning the sources and access to the complete articles. This letter contains a minimum of 10 topical articles.
Adjustments: You can at any time request adjustments, add themes or sources.
Option with social networks: we prepare the 10 Tweets or 10 Facebook posts associated with the selected articles for you, so that you can relay them on your social networks and thus generate discussion.
Regularity: updating each week on a regular basis will increase your awarness on the web and feed your thoughts.
Price: from €400 excl. tax/month + €500 excl. tax in start-up costs. Minimum commitment 3 months.

Specific solutions

Community Management: so that you can focus on your core business, while having effective communication without worrying about it.
Infographics: to present your data or your latest studies in a visual and simplified way, internally and externally.
Graphic charters: build your brand identity, whether you are an entrepreneur or for a side-project. This includes the creation of the logo, the choice of colors, typography, images, etc.
Digital training: tailor-made training to learn how to use social networks, websites, or to master authentic communication on the web.
Make an appointment to discuss your needs, and I will make you a tailor-made quote. You can also come and talk to me by email, or on social networks!

The 3 ingredients of my recipe


In order to carry out your communication projects even in the shortest deadlines, I always demonstrate great responsiveness and efficiency.


Understanding your issues and your needs is my priority. I build tailor-made offers to adapt each communication to your challenges.


I attach great importance to the transparency and authenticity of each communication to best reflect your values.
This is made for you if ...
You are looking to highlight a project with a positive impact
You are open to authentic communication proposals
You are looking for efficiency mixed with strategy
Let's talk about it !
Unfortunately, I will not be able to help you if you are looking to do high volume paid advertising on the internet.
Some of the last projects:

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Pandora Marfisi

I support meaningful projects in their
strategic and authentic communication
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