Marine is a therapist who has chosen to completely overhaul her website in order to integrate these new activities and workshops. She had already trusted me in 2017 for her first website and naturally came back to me for this new challenge. This time we worked on its entire communication strategy as well as its new site !
Print advertising is still a very good way to communicate. This was the choice of one of my clients, for whom I created an Ad in Happinez Magazine (April 2022), to promote its workshops. 
From a wordpress blog to a complex e-commerce platform. This is the transformation that the site is currently experiencing with Epionea! We are building an online store website to promote audios (meditations) and events.
Managing my clients' social networks is an important part of my job. In 2022, I worked on the launch of several Instagram accounts, including the Chamanisme & Bien-Être account. Its objective is to grow a committed community, as well as to promote the various shamanism weekends offered.
Business cards are always an important element of communication for entrepreneurs. They are widely used at trade fairs and conferences. This is why the Didascalie coaching agency trusted me in 2021.
Websites can also be very participatory and turn your visitors into players! This is the case of the site which has a "game" part accessible in private with membership only. It is a platform dedicated to a serious game, used by coaches as a coaching tool, to help with decision-making of their clients.
In 2021 I had the chance to work again on the CSR Book of the Blédina company, Danone group. This time we have innovated by producing a book 100% online, and not printed. This company book makes it possible to highlight the actions carried out by it with regard to employees, the environment and the planet. Epionea was responsible for the complete layout of this book.
One of the projects that excites me the most is the management of social networks with a weekly watch! Indeed, for several years I have been carrying out media monitoring in the field of food and early childhood, for various clients. I use this monitoring to feed their media content calendars and to manage their social networks. For example, the Danone Institute trusted me for several months in 2021 for this mission for its Twitter account.
Another website of which I am particularly proud was that of Maëlle, who launched her interior design activity. This is one of the first e-commerce sites that I was able to create. Maëlle was one of the first participants in my E-Boost online training program.
The reports of the events can be presented in many formats: videos, a simple e-mail, a tweet, an audio but also quite simply a PDF document summarizing the main messages of the event. This is the case of the report that I produced in 2021, summarizing the exchanges that took place during a hybrid event (online conferences, podcasts, website and live radio for pediatricians)
An Instagram account from scratch, with an extra link in bio page! This is the challenge that we launched in January 2022, for the Instagram account of Chamanisme & Bien-être. Relaunch the account by resetting it, creating the entire media content calendar (6 months of content at 20 posts/month) and creating engagement. In just 2 months the account is followed by several hundred followers!
In order to understand the behavior of the French towards the commitments of agri-food companies, a study was conducted with a panel of several hundred people. For the study, a research team ordered a graphic charter for an imaginary startup, including a logo and a “test” landing page available in 4 variants, to test the motivations of the visitors to the page. web pages can also be used as research tools!
Leaflets are still interesting communication tools for companies, entrepreneurs but also associations. Here is a leaflet that I made several years ago. The foldable format in 5 sheets makes it possible to contain a lot of information in a small format, essential if you want to be complete in your communication during trade shows.
Volcanic is an event agency that wanted to review all of its communication. This of course involves the redesign of its website in 2021. It has asked Epionea to support it in this strategic reflection. We were able to work together on a new positioning for this agency, and on the creation of a new website.
Since the covid it is essential to be able to reinvent events, by making them digital or even hybrid! This is why Helpévia called on our services when it came to celebrating their 40th anniversary! I was able to set up a platform for them hosting podcasts, written stories, videos, lives. All this was accessible via a membership by all employees. Today this platform has been taken over by the client and is used to communicate more information!
Among my favorite projects I can tell you about the Conseil des Pirates. A serious game, a coaching tool and a decision support tool. It's a game in the form of cards that I had the pleasure of putting into shape entirely, with a watercolourist. Today this game is offered in the coaching sessions of certified coaches.
In 2021, this association once again called on Epionea for its annual event bringing together early childhood professionals and young parents, with the aim of raising awareness and improving lifestyles. We did a hybrid event. Epionea was able to create a web platform that hosted podcasts, videos, blog posts but also lives, a game night broadcast live, as well as live radio. I was also able to manage all the communication of the event, from the creation of content to the management of Ads campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This was also an opportunity for the association to launch its Instagram account.
This logo was made for Purpose4Performance, a new company created by Caroline Nunney. She offers support to teams and directors to transform their company into an " Entreprise à raison d'être" , with a strong attention to effectiveness and finances.
This work is part of the "starter pack for entrepreneurs" of Epionea. 
The website Acuponcture & Soins énergétiques of Orlane Dupont shows her work and invites you to join the working sessions. 
The power of infographics... Those were designed during the Corona Virus lockdown in France for the French Association of Ambulatory Pediatrics. The purpose was to inform parents of young children how pediatric teams were there to support them at all time. The infographic was shared on social media a printed in several healthcare professional's waiting rooms.  
The one-page website from Purpose4Performance is a simple and efficient way to show the services Caroline Nunney provides to her clients.
An adapted layout for Bledina's CSR Book. This new format is aimed to be shown on congresses in 2020.
Maison GAB'S is a family company. They started the company in 2020, offering a support to all the teams that want to think and grow with a positive impact on the Planet. 
They share with their clients their own city-house in the woods and provide a full accompaniment service in order to drive responsible change. 
Playing cards to learn better. It was the idea of the communication I made for Effet Miroir. Ran by Pascale Jorajuria, it is a professional coaching company, for anyone who wants to be the "best version of themselves".
One of my first websites is the one for Marine Pelegrin. She is a well-being professional, using Chinese Energy and PSYCH-K technique. 
For Caroline Nunney and the launching of her company, I created her business cards. It was part of Epionea's starter pack for entrepreneurs. 
Bledina's CSR Book was shaped and designed by Epionea. The purpose of this book is to highlight the actions undertaken by the company with social, environmental and responsible objectives. They are part of the few companies certified B-Corp.
In order to facilitate the training programs of nursery staff, nursery assistants, health professionals and pharmacists, Le Grand Forum des Tout-Petits provides specific tools. Most of them were designed and shaped by Epionea.
Since 2018 Epionea supported Le Grand Forum des Tout-Petits in writing and designing its Annual Report.
This book describes the activity of the association during the year and permit to highlight their main achievements.
Since 2017, I support Le Grand Forum des Tout-Petits in managing its communities on Facebook and Twitter.
I also take care of digital sensitive campaigns on social medias.
Part of Epionea's starter pack for entrepreneurs, 9 Aout Communication asked me to design its business cards. Marie-Hélène Charmasson (CEO of 9 Aout Communication) support projects and companies in their storytelling and external communication. She's specialized in Businesses for purpose. 
In order to facilitate the understanding of scientific topics to young parents, I designed with Le Grand Forum des Tout-Petits several infographics.
Once again, part of Epionea's starter pack for entrepreneurs : Chamanisme et Bien-être asked me to design its business cards. Lily Marfisi (shaman healer) is dedicated in improving health and well-being of hundreds of people. 
This is an example of a collaboration with the writer Mel Phan, who wrote an e-book about loving ourselves.
I helped her in the layout and illustration of her amazing e-book.
Once again, part of Epionea's starter pack for entrepreneurs : a PowerPoint Template for 9 Aout Communication. As an entrepreneur, having its own template is a great way to stand out and make a lasting impression in customer meetings!
Epionea brought visual solutions for events. Programs, posters, digital communication ... it all takes part of a strategic way to communicate on your event. This was a poster for a scientific event that took place in Lille (France) in 2017. 
Goodies, souvenirs and branded objects are a fun and clever way to make your clients / audience remember your brand or your event. 
Those tote bags were designed for a scientific event that brought together more than 250 healthcare professionals in Bordeaux (France) in 2018. 
The logo of Chamanisme & Bien-être was also designed by Epionea in 2018. It was inspired from the totem animal of Lily and the sweetness that reigns in his spiritual universe. 
This user guide was created by myself in 2019 for Oniris, a Food Science -Engineer School in Nantes (France). The purpose of the project was to simplify and clarify the technical spaces they could offer to visit and valorize to food industries.  
In that same project with Oniris, we created together a new guided tour, starting with giant posters that I had the pleasure to design with Julie Serrière.  
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